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This old-west preacher insisted these "impossible" prophecies would come to pass. Look how many did!

The Baby Dance | FULL MOVIE | 1997 | Laura Dern, Stockard Channing | Motherhood Drama, Adoption

A barren upper-middle-class woman contracts with a lower-class woman to adopt her baby.

Heaven’s Door (2012) | Full Movie | Charisma Carpenter | Dean Cain | Joanna Cassidy

12-year-old Riley Ann Taylor recently lost her grandfather, who died right in front of her while teaching her how to play soccer. She soon finds a portal leading to the place people talk about but never see: Heaven. She gains a miraculous healing ability and uses it to help those who are sick but soon gains the diseases these people and animals had. You know what they say, every good thing comes with a price.

I Believe | Full Movie | Rowan Smyth | Matt Lindquist | Wilford Brimley

A 9-year-old boy experiences God’s power in a supernatural way.

The Wishing Tree | FULL MOVIE | 1999 | Drama, Family | Alfre Woodard

After her mother’s death, Clara, a middle-aged attorney, returns home to Savannah, where she begins to realize how much she misses her roots. Clara reminisces with old friends about her mother who was a legendary storyteller, but when one of the stories begins to come true, the results are frightening.

Homecoming | FULL MOVIE | Drama | 1996 | Anne Bancroft

In this heroic odyssey, thirteen-year-old Dicey Tillerman struggles to keep her family together after she and and her siblings, James (11), Maybeth (9) and Sammy (6) are abandoned in a shopping center parking lot by their distraught mother Liza.

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Consider It All Joy (1986) | Full Movie | Bonnie Hawley | Gary Costello | James D. Miller

The story of a woman’s struggle to reconcile her tragic circumstances with her faith in God.

Pamela’s Prayer (1998) | Full Movie | A Dave Christiano Film

This period piece motion picture portrays the unique and heartfelt story of Pamela Bucklin from her birth in 1969 to her wedding day in 1991. When her mother dies at birth, Pamela is raised by her father, Wayne. He makes a commitment to pray with his daughter each and every night. He also raises her with a very high standard of purity before marriage. In an age when purity is scoffed at by many, this movie presents the message with perspective and inspiration. Also, the prayerful commitment of Wayne Bucklin is an example for all who are in a parental role.

The Appointment – Full Movie | Karen Jo Briere, Art Oden, Leslie Basham, Jim Ostrander

A woman is writing anti-God editorials for her local newspaper. One day a mysterious visitor comes to her office with a message from the Lord. He tells her that on September 19th at 6:05pm she is going to die. Is this a hoax? Or the truth? She has eight days left…and the suspense begins!

Remember The Goal | Full Movie | Allee-Sutton Hethcoat | A Dave Christiano Film

A female coach (Allee-Sutton Hethcoat) fresh out of college takes over the cross country program at an all girls’ Christian school and attempts to lead them to their first ever state title. As the runners begin to train, the top 5 girls all deal separately with particular issues relevant to teen life. As each of these stories unfold, so does the wisdom of the young coach as she guides the girls along the pathway of life.