Cathy knows she will soon go to be with her Best Friend, but she is not afraid. First, she wants to make sure Joey does not miss out!


Here is how I was adopted by God, and how you can be, too!

Born Wild!

Dexter was a seven-year-old bundle of hate and disrespect. But when he met Jesus, everything changed.

Back From The Dead?

They thought he was dead, but he woke up screaming, “I’ve got to get saved! I saw hell! I never want to see it again!”

Bad Bob!

Bob was mean and didn’t need God, until he nearly died in jail.

The Assignment

Will Charles respond to the gospel in time?

Almost Time

This old-west preacher insisted these “impossible” prophecies would come to pass. Look how many did!

And It Was Good!

How did we get here? It all started in a garden.

The Accident

When a priceless carpet is permanently stained, its owner learns that only Jesus’ blood can remove the stain of sin.

All God’s Creatures?

Grandpa hears Sam preach to his toy “creatures” and realizes he needs Jesus, too.