“Why do I have no family in New York City, no experience in New York City, no history in New York City, but yet I feel like I belong in it, in my gut?”

That’s the question Garrett Raburn found himself asking a few years ago. It shocked his wife, Gabi, who thought they had “settled down” in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hear their story of adventure in this fifth and final episode of our series on missionaries.

At the height of his career, while leading a large church in California, Terry Wardle had an emotional breakdown and was institutionalized as a result.“It’s hard, it’s humiliating. And depression is a beast. It causes you to lose perspective on what’s real and what is not real. It’s hard to muster up hope.”But hope is exactly what Terry found when he began to let Jesus shine a light on the dark childhood memories he had tried to bury in the past. You’ll also hear from the International Director of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, talking about the ministry’s response to Hurricane Dorian.

“I heard the Lord say, ‘Show the world My grace.’”Craig James was a drug dealer and drug addict who was always chasing the next high. His life was spiraling out of control at the age of 27 when he felt a strong urge to go to his aunt’s church. Craig had an encounter with Jesus there that changed his life.