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Why do 80–90% of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the faith? What is the biblical principle that Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield, etc., used to reach the lost? Why has the Church neglected it? Don’t let anything stop you from listening to this incredible teaching.


Gail Evans hoped his family going overboard with religion was just a phase…one he certainly wouldn’t allow himself to be pulled into. But facing God in the stillness, would test his resolve. Join us, won’t you? To find out what happens, right now on UNSHACKLED!

Simon was a guest at City Union Mission, and later was employed by the Mission. He shared this prayer request this past May: “Please pray for me and my family. My 76 year oldest brother and my two nephews with their wives and 4 children each, were slaughtered because of their faith in Christ in their homes in North Eastern Nigeria December 20th, 2014 by terrorists because they will not recant their faith. I will be going to Nigeria in June of this year right after my Graduation from Carver Theological Seminary with a Masters Degree.”

A multi-plot film centered on adoption and foster care, Chosen follows six different families as they each discover an intertwined journey of healing, unity, and new beginnings.