Angels Appear & Miracles Happen After Truck Kills Him – EP 60

A 25,000 pound semi-truck fell on top of Bruce while he was repairing its underside, crushing his body so severely that his body was no thicker than a thin slice of bread, and severing five arteries and crushing vital organs. Bruce tells his story in gut wrenching detail, but what happens next is one of the most spectacular miracles we have ever heard. Bruce left his body after dying, but a young Christian paramedic came to his lifeless body and started praying for him and speaking life to Bruce. Two other voices spoke to Bruce – one from God and one from a demon. Listen to what they said, and how the man who should have been dead today has recovered from what doctors have confirmed were surely life ending injuries. This is a must see video – it will confirm God’s purpose and protection over YOU.

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