Atheist Gets Drilled At The Dentist. PAINFUL

Ray interviews an Atheist, discussing various topics on Evolution, Morality, the conscience, and Jesus. Many atheists resent the idea of a God because they would ultimately have to bow their knees to Him. Man doesn’t need religion to know what’s wrong because they have a God-given conscience. This Atheist believes that living your current life to the fullest is essential. He proudly wants the afterlife to be an afterthought. This reasoning is because he fears death and doesn’t want to address his soul’s current condition. We do not have to worry about death, for there is hope. Jesus Christ made a way into everlasting life through his death, burial, and resurrection. We are set free from the bondage of sin and can now have a relationship with God. We are created by the creator God to live in fellowship with Him. Don’t miss your purpose here on earth by falling into the foolish “logic” of the world.

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