Watercolor Postcards | Full Movie | Bailee Madison | John C. McGinley | Steve Eastin

A small-town girl with a troubled past returns home only to find that both her sister (Bailee Madison) and her hometown are in peril. Only when she falls for a man who similarly has dark days behind him will they muster up the faith and love needed to save the things they hold dear in life. In Bent Arrow, West Texas everything seems to have moved on. Left behind are a precocious 10-year-old named Cotton, and Butch, a gentle soul whose life has taken him on a path of heartache from the rough world of pro football, through heart-wrenching loss to a roadside stand where he paints Watercolor Postcards. Butch starts to believe he can find happiness again when a relationship blossoms between Cotton’s long-lost sister, Sunny, who returns home, disillusioned, after the loss of their mother, and ends up facing her tortured past.

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