Welcome To Paradise

Crystal Bernard, Brad Stine and Brian Dennehy star in this family production in which they show us that love and acceptance are the main ingredients of our faith. Debbie Laramie (Crystal Bernard) leaves her life in Dallas and moves to a small town called ParaĆ­so, in the state of Texas. Once settled, Debbie and her teenage son must help the small community find its way back to God. Debbie’s fearless strategy further contradicts the rigid congregation members’ way of thinking, until a catastrophic event forces them to join forces. An old stable is the only option they have to continue as a church. With the help of supporters and even opponents, Debbie turns challenge into opportunity, bringing new life and trust in God to a community that so desperately needs it. This film helps us to see that the church is more than the meeting place, the church is a community that practices the love of God on a daily basis and without respect of persons.

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