Who She Marries Is Nothing Compared To THIS

Many people don’t know what happens after they die. What appears to be the most crucial point in life tends to fall into the cracks of many minds. Everyone has an opinion on the next life, whether through suppression or a wrong understanding. Death doesn’t care about who you married, what car you bought, or even what hobbies you performed. All worldly possessions are of no comparison to the afterlife. Death is inevitable, and the fact is that 10/10 people die. So what do we do about this ticking time bomb? Ray Comfort is here to tell his new friend about hope in the afterlife. Ray shares the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the hope that lies within the believer. With Christ in mind, this life makes sense to be lived for Him. The believer does not have to fear death, for it is the doorway to everlasting life with God. Watch her reaction to the gospel; her heart softens to what Ray is saying.

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