Entire Gospel of John Audio Read by Ray Comfort For Sleep and Meditation KJV

Entire Gospel of John Audio Read by Ray Comfort For Sleep and Meditation KJV

All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name

Is There Life Out There?

Reba McEntire stars as Lily, a wife and mother in touch with her own mortality after a close brush with breast cancer. Inspired by Reba’s 1992 #1 Billboard Country music single, ‘Is There Life Out There’.

Gracie’s Choice

Threatened once again with juvenile hall and foster care as a result of her drug-addicted mother’s irresponsible behavior, seventeen-year-old Gracie make an unprecedented sacrifice to keep herself and her siblings together—by fighting the courts to become legally emancipated from her mother.

The Gideons International

The Gideons International

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”…

Matthew 28:19

The Gideons International is an Association of Christian business and professional men and their wives dedicated to telling people about Jesus through associating together for service, sharing personal testimony, and by providing Bibles and New Testaments. While we are often recognized for our work with hotels, we also place and distribute Scriptures in strategic locations so they are available to those who want them, as well as to those who may not know they need them.

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Living Waters

Living Waters exists to inspire and equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission.

Living Waters seeks to train the members of Christ’s Body in the principles of biblical evangelism and to provide them with practical tools to proclaim the gospel.

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Are You Going To Heaven?

Are you? Trying to figure out how to make it to heaven? Listen and learn! It maybe easier than you think.

Dr. Kent Hovind’s Book On End Times – WOE



Our mission is to tell the world about the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ and the truth about His amazing creation. We utilize simple scientific explanations targeted primarily at families and children. We love showing the handiwork of God who created them in His image. We believe the Darwinian explanation of the origins of man is not only wrong but dangerous. The Word of God is True! The Bible teaches clearly that God made the world in six days about 6000 years ago. Dr. Hovind taught science and math in highschool for 15 years. Our goal is to use all the available scientific evidence to strengthen your faith in God’s Word and to bring you to Christ if not saved.

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School of Biblical Evangelism

Learn to Share Your Faith The Way Jesus Did.

The online School of Biblical Evangelism will teach you how to share your faith simply, effectively, and biblically…the way Jesus did.

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