Watercolor Postcards | Full Movie | Bailee Madison | John C. McGinley | Steve Eastin

A small-town girl with a troubled past returns home only to find that both her sister (Bailee Madison) and her hometown are in peril. Only when she falls for a man who similarly has dark days behind him will they muster up the faith and love needed to save the things they hold dear in life. In Bent Arrow, West Texas everything seems to have moved on. Left behind are a precocious 10-year-old named Cotton, and Butch, a gentle soul whose life has taken him on a path of heartache from the rough world of pro football, through heart-wrenching loss to a roadside stand where he paints Watercolor Postcards. Butch starts to believe he can find happiness again when a relationship blossoms between Cotton’s long-lost sister, Sunny, who returns home, disillusioned, after the loss of their mother, and ends up facing her tortured past.

Steps of Faith | Full Movie | Drama | HD | English | Free Drama Movie

Steps of Faith – What would you do if you told the world you heard God’s voice and no one believed you?


Steps of Faith, is a light-heart dramedy about Faith Houston an accountant, who is directed by God to move to a small town to work on a Hippotherapy farm helping children. Faith is mocked by her family since she doesn’t have a rapport with children or animals and is not a devout Christian. Faith decides to follow her heart and move after she encounters several challenges. She finds herself at the farm in the horse stalls shoveling manure. Faith cracks under pressure and leaves after a child is almost injured questioning whether she heard God’s voice or not.

When the Vows Break aka Courting Justice 1995

Drama starring Patty Duke. When a housewife files for divorce she must take on a chauvinistic legal system to secure a fair financial settlement, even going to law school in order to represent herself in court.

Fight for Justice The Nancy Conn Story 1995

True life drama about a working mum whose life is put back in jeopardy when the man who was convicted of stalking her and killing her cousin comes up for parole. Starring: Marilu Henner, Doug Savant, Ann Wedgeworth, Peri Gilpin, Lisa Jakub

In the Best Interest of the Child 1990

Based on true story “Conversations with God” Drama, Adventure, full movie

“Conversations with God” tells the true story of Neale Donald Walsch that inspired and changed the lives of millions worldwide. The journey begins after he unexpectedly breaks his neck in a car accident and loses his job. Soon after, we witness his transformation from your everyday guy to a homeless bum struggling just to stay alive. Neale’s eye-opening roller coaster ride takes us through his emotional battle to get enough food, make friends and regain his life. And just when things seem to be going his way, they get worse. Feeling like a complete failure in all aspects of his life, Neale, full of anger and bitterness asks God a pile of demanding questions. Much to his disbelief, Neale received his answers! The unworldly conversations that follow end up being read by over 7 million people in 36 languages around the world and counting.

Human Microchipping, End Times, and Dr. Phil

I was invited onto the Dr. Phil show this week to speak about microchipping and the mark of the beast. I was nervous, but God was faithful.

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Watch His Wife’s Amazing Reaction

As Ray Comfort evangelizes to these people, some will stay, and some will go. See how the Gospel offends and challenges their hearts and minds. For some, it becomes so uncomfortable that they have to stop the interview. As you will see with Ray’s new friend, Angel will acknowledge his need for a Savior. Watch as he hangs onto every word and gives it his full attention. Ray brings Angel through the law and leads him to the Hope of Christ. As Angel surrenders his life to Christ, his wife, listening from the side gives a heartwarming reaction. Sharing the Gospel has its challenges, but today was the fruit of Angel’s wife’s many prayers. We hope you are both encouraged and excited to get out there and share the Gospel.

What Does His Body Language Show?

As Ray Comfort witnesses to this atheist, he notices something interesting about his body language. His mouth will say one thing while his body reveals another. As you can see with Ray’s new friend, the atheist gets uncomfortable when brought through the law. The law has stopped his mouth, bringing knowledge to his ever-suppressed dilemma. The unregenerate mind finds God’s moral law offensive. Atheists don’t want to be told what to do. Accepting that God exists would mean they must admit that they have to address their beloved sin. By this Atheist reflecting on his sin, he realized his fallenness before a Holy God. By bringing someone through the law, they can see the weight of their sin and their dire need for the Savior. Ray will present the gospel and explain the only hope in this dying, decaying world.

How Does This Deaf Man Hear the Gospel?

Tell us in the comments at what point in the video you heard a mystery sound. We will pick a winner and send an Evidence Study Bible. Sorry, USA only.